Database Error – Surviving the Disaster

Yesterday, we had a very bad day. Our database just simply failed. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but it was only a good thing I had a back-up last Saturday morning. Nevertheless, I lost some comments especially from Val, regarding the NBA, etc. Also, my entry regarding Yahoo! Mail offering unlimited storage space wasn’t included in the back-up. So if you’re a subscriber by email, and thought you received that post twice, this is the main reason, the database failed and I had to re-post it.

My good friend Val and I had a really interesting conversation last Saturday, so I felt compelled to just re-post our conversation then here in this very entry.

Post Title: A Glimpse at the NBA Playoffs

Val: It’s been rumored that Jermaine O’neal will be traded to LA Lakers. Deuts and Sherwin any opinion about this?

Val: It appears to me that San Antonio will win the title this year. Duncan remains dominant and Parker and Ginobili are playing extremely well for both series against Denver and Phoenix. I agree with Sherwin that Detroit Pistons have the best chance to beat a western superpower but still I think Spurs will be the likely victor in this match up. It maybe a different story should Big Ben still a Piston. Looking at the teams defeated by Detroit, both teams have no dominant big men as compared to the Spurs have to offer. To argue that Dwight Howard is a dominant player is an idea that I don’t agree for the time being because experience wise he is not yet there. As compared to Spurs, they showed us how to stop Phoenix even with the dominance of Amare and defended the perimeter well with the likes of Carmelo and A. I.

However a championship match between San Antonio and Detroit is something that I am not excited about. These are few of the teams that are boring to watch. No acrobatic moves, no fast break dunks, not much three points shoot out, not much cross over moves.

It looks like you are watching Jorelle playing NBA Live. In fairness to Jorelle I was guilty too. In NBA Live 2004 I tend to rely more on half court offense even I have a clear fast break. Beginning NBA Live 2006 I learn to use the USER control (I used cpu control in 2004) and this change my game style. Now I employ the run and gun theme which of course is fun to watch and play.

deuts: Great analysis there, Val! It’s nice to see the views of other people from a different perspective. You’re lucky to be so sure! hehehehehe

di ko na rin maintindihan sinulat ko! hehe gusto mo ibalik natin ang mga NBA Live days eh! para malaman natin kung sino tlga ang magaling! hehehehe

Val: sige tamang tama bibili kami laptop sa June

Post Title: The Annual

Val: congrats on your first anniversary. When are you coming back? You still owe me a cup of of coffee and ensaymada. hehe

deuts: Instant coffee? hehehe

Sado! NBA naman tau, Detroit ako sa Finals.

Val: sige. ganito na lang basta pustahan tayo sa finals either detroit or cleveland sau sa akin either san antonio or utah. deal?

deuts: cge deal! so pag nanalo ako, quits na tau. pag nanalo ka, dalawang starbucks at ensaymada bibilhin ko, isa sau, isa sakin! bwehehehehhe

Val: wala namang dayaan. ginagamitan mo na naman ako ng talino mo e

Lesson of the day: Always back-up.