4GB Pocket Flash Drive

pic_pocket.jpgJust got myself a new Imation USB2.0 Pocket Flash Drive, a 4GB one, as a replacement for my old 256mb generic flash drive I bought 2 years ago from CD-R King in Glorieta, Makati.

The old flash drive malfunctioned after I pulled it off the usb port while my notebook was busy writing/reading it (another lesson learned!). I grew impatient and pulled it off without following the safety removal process of the hardware.

Anyway, this new one (Imation), with its 4gb capacity, I can use to hold my Uniserver, as well as tons and tons of my documents. Yet, it’s compact and lightweight.

But what I liked most about this pocket flash drive is the password protection and drive partitioning software provided within the product. Unlike truecrypt, it doesn’t require an administrator privilege anymore to access the secured partition of the drive.