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There are the recent news that I want to share:

  1. It is yet 25th of the month, and has already breached the 1 gigabyte monthly bandwidth usage for the month of January 2007.

    This is actually according to my control panel. Statistics shows that this month is the highest bandwidth usage since May last year, considering that I’ve not even made any major back door editing of the site (and other subdomains and parked domain under it), and thus burn some bandwidth.

  2. achieved a PR of 4 in Google’s Pagerank during this month.
  3. Recently, I received an email from Link Text Ads (LTA) notifying me that they have already approved of my application.

    Needless to say this, but during the inauguration of this site, simultaneous to my application with google adsense, I also applied with TLA. That time the latter denied my application citing that there was not enough traffic in my site. So, I sticked to adsense.

    I haven’t made any follow-up with TLA since then regarding my application. But, lately, they emailed saying I can now be one of the publishers. It must be because of the PR of 4, huh?

    I haven’t figured out yet, though, how to publish their ads here in my wordpress site, and where exactly to show it. It can wait, anyway.

  4. I completed my first 50 posts in forums. Thus, I availed of their free hosting. is a webhost that offers free hosting to their members. It only requires a member to post at least 50 responses in their forum to avail of the free hosting. If you also wish to avail of their free hosting, you can visit their site here.

    Now, since I have a spare domain, which is, I used it for my host. What I plan with that site is maintain a more personal blog, and also post pictures of my everyday life. I’m also planning to create a photo gallery in that host. Just watch out for it.

  5. Just this week, the latest version of wordpress was released. It’s version 2.1.

    I still have to prepare to upgrade to wordpress 2.1, though. Updating all the plugins, backing up the database and the files, and preparing the theme requires a lot of work (I guess) and of course, time. It can wait, anyway (again!).

So, to my regular visitors, enjoy browsing! 🙂