NBA Live 2008 Gilbert ArenasI don’t know, but a good game should be a good game. On his blog, Gilbert Arenas has this to say:

I played NBA LIVE ’08 against Kevin Durant and I lost bad. I sucked. It was the first time I played it though. I didn’t play ’07, I didn’t play ’06, I didn’t play ’05. After a while I thought that it wasn’t getting better so I became a 2K fan. But then the people at EA Sports came and told me they wanted to make the game better, I came on board because my first basketball game was NBA LIVE ’95. So once they started getting out of character it was like they weren’t progressing with the game so I became a 2K fan and then now I’m back to LIVE and I think all the 2K fans are going to come back to LIVE again because they’re going to see they made progress. It’s a lot smoother. It’s not as choppy as it used to be. It’s realer now. It’s not like, “Oh, this is fake. That doesn’t happen.” That’s all you used to say. You can’t say that now.

Well, what I say is let the veterans play it and let’s hear what they have to say. As for me, I’m starting to doubt EA Sports.

There are some trailer videos of the game in youtube. One example:

NBA Live 2008


And it looked really good. However, videos like the ones below make me really think twice:

NBA Live 2008 – Go To Moves Trailer


O c’mon EA, you have always been into that. “Signature moves!” Haven’t you had enough? Haven’t you perfected that aspect yet. We need a revolutionary change especially in the gameplay settings!