More Spam Text Messages as Election Day Nears

Expect to receive a lot of these type of text messages as election day draws near. Some messages could even get nastier as we approach that day.

Fortunately, I’m using Android Messages app, for my SMS/Text messages. I can report this as spam, and this belongs to my spam folder, never ever to see again the light of day.

Key takeaways: use Android Messages app, report this as spam, together we can stop the spread the stupidity in this country!

The Things We Learned from the Recent Election

The day after the election, almost all results are in. The things we learned so far:

  • We should trust the survey results, the survey companies, and their supposed ‘scientific’ approach. Or at least have them under consideration;
  • Endorsement by INC is not a guarantee of victory;
  • You don’t have to join public debates in order to win a senatorial seat.

But most of all, now that election is over, its a relief watching TV once again without the false claims and promises from the various candidates.

Registered Voters’ List

Many bloggers are just whining about the list of registered voters in the National Capital Region being published in the internet. You can see the list here.

The issue is that the list contains the full names, registration numbers, birthdays, and complete addresses of the registrants. They claim that it’s a violation of the right to privacy.

What do I think about it? Well, I think so, but anyway, I’m not registered in NCR. But I did see the names of my aunts and cousins. What about you, did you see your names in there?

Update: It seems that they have already brought down the pdf files from the server, and as such it’s not accessible anymore.

Update: Yes, Comelec takes down online voters’ list. Read the news here.

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