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Kalesa Festival I wish I was there during this Kalesa Festival in Manila. It would have been a great opportunity taking shots of those colorful kalesas. Watch the GMA News video about the event.
Tall and Short The world’s tallest man meets the world’s shortest man. Their height difference: 5ft and 5 inches. Read the story.
New Coke Endorser There’s a new Coca Cola endorser. He’s no other than the kid on the block, Mr. Norman Sale!
Guimbal Plaza Psychodids has beautiful photos from the neighboring town, Guimbal Plaza. I wish I could do the same for Tigbauan. I think I need the same fisheye lens, though…:)
Edwin Edwin shares his experience on how he lost around PhP30,000 from investing in Mutual Funds.
MarkyPhotography To Marky, he loves basketball more than he loves photography. Yet, when it comes to sports photography, I think he still needs to learn more from his master….hehe

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