It has been say almost 20 years since I first learned arithmetic. Yet, I could still feel the agony of solving those 100 items each for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Almost the same items or questions were given from grade 2 to grade 4, yet I only mastered arithmetic on the 4th grade. Of course, the most complex of the four process is multiplication, especially when it involves 2-digit factors (multiplier or multiplicand, see i can still remember those terms…:LOL:), much more with higher-digit factors.

Well, the diagram below offers an alternative way of solving multiplication probles involving 2 or more digit factors. Easy? Yeah, I think it’s interesting.

the math grid

PS: Did you know what helped me become quick at addition when I was yet learning arithmetic? It’s a secret, ok? I used to play “Lucky 9” when I was small…:LOL: