How to: enroll for a second Pag-ibig MP2 savings account

So you already have an existing Modified Pag-IBIG 2 (MP2) savings account. Perhaps, you recently checked your Virtual Pag-IBIG account and noted your account has been credited with your 6.12% dividend for your 2020 contributions to your MP2 savings. Or, maybe, you’re still waiting for your first dividend.

But one MP2 account is not enough. When that account matures in five years from the time of your first contribution, you can’t wait for another five years to collect your next MP2 savings. You’ve read in the FAQ that you can indeed open and maintain multiple MP2 Savings Accounts:

According to Pag-IBIG’s FAQ, you are allowed to open and maintain multiple MP2 Savings Accounts.

Perhaps, you want to time your multiple MP2 accounts to mature one year after the other — for your liquidity, or maybe just to reward yourself every year.

But how? It’s not in the FAQ, or anywhere in the Pag-IBG website. Lucky you, I have done just that, and I’ll share to you what I did.

Steps for Enrolling additional MP2 Savings Accounts

1. Fill out MP2 Savings Enrollment form

Go to the MP2 Savings Enrollment page and accomplish the form including the pages that follow.

MP2 Enrollment Form

2. Pay your first contribution to your new account

At the end of the enrollment process in Step 1, you’ll have the option to print or save a PDF copy of your enrollment form. In it you’ll find your new MP2 account number and all the other details from their system as well as data you’ve entered as you went through enrollment. Unless you opt to have your contribution auto-deducted from your company salary, you can just save this form in your computer for future reference. No need to submit it to any Pag-IBIG branches. This I confirmed when I emailed their support team.

Of course, if you opted for salary deduction, you’ll need to print and sign this form and submit to HR.

So, you already have your new MP2 account number. You can use that using your favorite payment method. In my case, I paid Php500.00 using Paymaya for my initial contribution.

3. Your new MP2 account will automatically appear in your Virtual Pag-IBIG account

No need to lift a finger here. Just wait 2 or 3 working days, and voila — your new MP2 account will just appear in your Virtual Pag-IBIG account.

My Virtual PAG-IBIG account reflected my new MP2 account and my initial contribution just about 2 working days from payment date.

This is the process available as of March 2021. I can’t assure if the same will be true in the future. So enjoy!


Josh April 6, 2021 Reply

Thank you for this! Really helpful post.

deuts April 6, 2021 Reply

You’re welcome. Let me know your personal experience about opening a second mp2 account.

May November 4, 2021 Reply

Hello, should I wait for the new account to appear in my virtual pagibig? Or should I pay the contribution right after I added the account?

deuts November 4, 2021 Reply

I think you need to pay for the contribution first before the account appears on your Virtual Pag-IBIG account. What I did was pay for just ₱500 first as initial contribution and added some more when the account was already active in Virtual Pag-IBIG

Joru January 31, 2023 Reply

How many days do to wait before the new MP2 account appears in your Virtual Pag-IBIG account after paying the initial contribution?

JoyJoy June 5, 2023 Reply

HELLO SIR, I was not able to print the form for my new account in mp2. where can i ask for a copy of the form sir.

deuts June 21, 2023 Reply

Wala ba sa email?

RAB-V January 6, 2022 Reply

Very relevant and helpful! Good job!

Cha September 22, 2022 Reply


How to change the Salary deduction from new employer?
I created my 2nd account however my precious company appears on the pdf file. Can I still edit that part?

deuts November 5, 2022 Reply

Better to create just a new account

Ariethe Genieve Campollo November 5, 2022 Reply

Is there another way to know my mp2 savings account number? I have lost the printed pdf of it

deuts November 5, 2022 Reply

Do you have a Virtual Pag-IBIG account?

Jobelle January 7, 2023 Reply

Thanks for this info.
Ask lang po paano po kpag magbabayad sa gcash ano po ilalagay sa account number yun po bang mid number ko o yung new mp2 account number ko po?

deuts January 7, 2023 Reply

Dapat ung MP2 account number. Better yet, what I do is set up the payment sa Virtual Pag-IBIG account online then choose Gcash as mode of payment, then proceed with payment from there. But if you can and your HR is knowledgeable mas maganda kung auto deduction na lang sa payroll mo then si Company na lang mag remit every year.

melinda January 14, 2023 Reply

hello, ofw ako at gusto ko mag open ng 2nd account through online,pwede ba n ang first payment (one time payment) ay sa pag-ibig branch at ang anak ko ang personal n magbayad?

Madz January 21, 2023 Reply

What happens to the additional mp2 account that I opened but wasn’t able to Deposit on it… the account will be closed automatically?


Joru January 31, 2023 Reply

Needed pa ba mag submit ng mga documents for opening another new MP2 account sa Pagibig branch?

Joru January 31, 2023 Reply

Do you need to submit the documents for opening another new MP2 account to the Pagibig branches?

DRAZEN ASPERA PAVILLAR February 22, 2023 Reply

I thoughtI need pa to go to pag ibig branch to have my 2nd account open. I just paid my first contribution via Gcash. Thank you for this!

aaron March 29, 2023 Reply

Hi! I repeatedly did the steps to open the mp2 account, thinking na hindi nag pupush through yung registration ko, pero may lumalabas na printout. ibig sabihin ba non multiple accounts na nagawa ko?


I did the same thing purposely to add only 1 more account but I realized I already made 4 more accounts. How can I delete those 3 accounts?

Joey June 3, 2023 Reply

Hi. What if I want to pay lump sum for my additional MP2 account? How would I notify PAG-IBIG with that? Thanks for accommodating my inquiry.

deuts June 21, 2023 Reply

If we’re talking of a big amount here like 1M, go to the branch. After all, for such big amount, it’s worth the effort.

Mary October 21, 2023 Reply

maybe you can help me po, coz i tried the steps you mentioned but whenever I try to pay online thru virtual pag-ibig it says invalid mp2 number.


I accidentally made 4 more accounts instead of 1. Can I delete the 3 accounts? How?

Kram January 24, 2024 Reply

Found the answer to my question. “No need to submit it to any Pag-IBIG branches. This I confirmed when I emailed their support team.” Thank You!!!

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