Sportech Car Cover review (not worth it!)

I bought a Sportech car cover at Handyman in the District Mall Dasmariñas on the 21st of January this year for PhP2,799. The purpose of the purchase was to protect my car from the sun’s UV rays and acid rain as it usually sits idle on the carport all day without any ceiling to cover it.

Given its price, I expected it to last at least a year before it needs replacement. O boy, how wrong was I? How I wish I read this blog post before the purchase.

Even before 3 months was up, it already showed wear and tear (literally!) I had to put duct tapes to keep it from tearing apart. Finally, after over 3 months, no duct tapes can keep the damn thing whole again.

Here’s a closer look of the roof part.

So yeah, I regret buying this piece of s expensive product that is not worth any part of the price I paid for it. I think I read somewhere that’s why Ace Hardware is not carrying this brand because of its bad reputation. This car cover of mine haven’t even gone through a lot of rain yet.

Now, it makes me wonder, do I really need a car cover (with all its disadvantages and the effort of putting it on) to begin with?

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