Why the Need for a “Fair Use Policy?”

I don’t understand the need for a “Fair Use Policy” (FUP). No, I’m not even referring to Smart and Globe’s “unlimited” internet misrepresentation.

According to Globe’s website:

This policy allows us to maintain the quality of our mobile internet service and give all Globe customers a fair opportunity to enjoy our network.

Mobile surfing offers from Globe are generally meant for emailing, browsing and search activities. Customers who frequently use file-sharing software or download large files are usually the ones affected by our policy. Media streaming and downloading of torrents also contribute to the excessive use of bandwidth capacity.

If that truly is their intention, why not make users pay for what they actually use, instead of offering “unlimited” and capping them just the same.

For instance, if Globe is willing to offer 10GB bandwidth for a P1,000 fee per month, then why not divide it in buckets of say 1GB, so that per 1GB of use you’ll be charged P100?

That way, if users experience slow internet — well, slower internet means lower bandwidth usage, right? Therefore, lower fees! Again, you pay for what you actually use!

And please, don’t get me started with Globe’s ridiculous KB browsing (P0.15 per KB) rate!

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