The Facts About Globe’s Free Facebook Promo


Free Facebook is a great promo from Globe. Who doesn’t want free service, right? If only they can carry it out more smoothly:

There was no opt-in

At least, that’s what happened in my case. I didn’t opt-in but I was automatically subscribed to the service, even though I was on an unlimited data plan to start with.

Stop bugging me

I’m on unlimited data plan. I don’t need free Facebook. Stop displaying these notices on my device:

"Free Data" is displayed at the very top of the app. It's a total waste of the screen's real estate.
“Free Data” is displayed at the very top of the app. It’s a total waste of the screen’s real estate.
When you click on outside link, Globe/Facebook keeps bugging you whether you want to subscribe to one of their cellular data services.
When you click on outside link, Globe/Facebook keeps bugging you whether you want to subscribe to one of their cellular data services.

What about the background sync?

What Globe failed to warn the users about is although browsing Facebook through the browser or through the app is free, services may still run in the background that may entail using cellular data, which is necessarily true when you’re using a smartphone. Globe should be clear about this before users start to think the promo is a scam. The best case scenario for this Free Facebook promo is when you’re on prepaid and have less than five-peso load, so nothing can be deducted from your credits should services start running in the background.

Free Riders

More users because of the promo means more strain on Globe’s network. Globe can manage the strain on the system by throttling data speeds to free users. I just hope we, the subscribers to Globe’s unlimited data plans, are and will not be affected should Globe decide to throttle data speeds.

How to Disable ‘Free Facebook’

Fortunately, there’s a way to disable seeing that “Free Data” on top of the Facebook app or page on your device. Just point your device’s browser to and tap on the “Stop Using Facebook for Free” link at the bottom of the page, then hit “Confirm”.

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Nelly November 8, 2013 Reply

I am having trouble with the scam, Yes I am a prepaid for almost 10 years. I have an ios iPhone 5 and from two facebook app that I have and each time I log in it goes to redirecting to globes mobile facebook log in page. Link is below.

From the app it self. I tried to speak to there operator and they say from general go to cellular data and remove the from VPN but my settings was off. Then the operator said to restart device but it’s useless as soon as you remove or erase the globe VPN link it automatically applies again. I also have tried reset network settings and changing and removing sim but the the globe redirecting Facebook Mobile site is still there.They probably don’t know how many subscribers are affected by this and from there page they say it’s a friendly promo for all and that it doesn’t have a nakaw load effect they advice ahead before consuming the data after the subscription has ended buts it’s all a lie. I don’t need free facebook I have a wifi environment anywhere I go. I just like the add just I case I am in a remote area I could still access. Well for the solution since this is a scam we will be writing to Facebook about this issue just for the sake of everyone. It’s basically a false advertising for short the motive is to steal.

Edgar Kim December 31, 2013 Reply

I tried to unsubscribe “free facebook”.
But I could see only this.
“Sorry, something went wrong
Please try closing and re-opening your browser window.”
Could you help me?

Jack February 8, 2014 Reply

I was on vacation in the Philippines and bought a temp Goble Pre Paid local sim card for 5 days and activated the free data. Biggest mistake I’ve ever made.. Back in my home country weeks later, both my iphone and Android I can not get rid of these Globe Promos from my Facebook… I have rang Globe on ISD rates several times but they WILL NOT remove these Promo.
I’ve tried the above and had no luck…
HELP NEED PLEASE…!! and Globe your scam has upset a lot of tourist for sure making your company a joke! ….far from happy!

deuts February 8, 2014 Reply

So meaning after you’ve switched to a new network, the free Facebook is still there?

LeBlanc April 19, 2014 Reply

Hi! Have you Factory Reset on both your smartphones? That might work since you won’t be using the Globe sim again after the reset.

Jack February 8, 2014 Reply

Yes that is correct and Globe is the only company that is doing this. I have searched endlessly for answers and tried all the suggestions.. Sad part is I texted FREE FB STOP and rang Globe before I left the Philippines to confirm the service was in fact deactivated and they confirmed YES it was deactivated. Hence, since then I have asked Goble (ringing on ISD rates from my home country) why: …after deactivating the service longer have a Globe number longer in the Philippines why they wont remove these Promo’s.. (It doesn’t take much to workout these promo only work in the Philippines WITH a Globe number)..

Globes answer – we can’t.

deuts February 8, 2014 Reply

Maybe you should try force stopping the app and restarting, or restarting your device, or uninstall the app and reinstalling the Facebook app again. If you have already tried these troubleshooting steps, I’m not sure how else I can help you.

Jack February 10, 2014 Reply

I have already tried both. I did find though, the link provided by Nelly allowed me to access area’s on the fb app not available on my phone(s) and found Globe had registered the temp pre paid number to my fb account.. that has now been deleted!! however the Promo SCAM still continues ..which inturn, even if a full phone factory reset was to be carried out it would not erase the problem.
Also of noted, the “Globe and TM Account” is back listed under Favorites again …once again it can not be deleted..!! ..Both the Iphone and Android fb app’s will not link to “Stop Using Facebook for Free” and selecting “Globe and TM Account” leads to a blank page.
I welcome any advice in addition to whats already be suggested to rid GLOBE Promo’s from fb and it is of the belief now GLOBE have access to our Fb Data regardless of whether the user has deacitvated the Free Data or not.

My regret, I didn’t buy SMART at the airport on arrival..!! This SCAM has spoiled a wonderful vacation in the Philippines for sure…

twisted vertigO April 21, 2014 Reply

Bwiset talaga tong globe..kung bakit naman kasi sinubukan ko yang free fb nilang napakabagal as in di man lang nagreload ng page..dapat makarating to mismo sa fb

Cha November 16, 2015 Reply

I have the same problem. To think n never nmn ako gumamit ng globe sim. Smart user ako pro lge lumalabas un free facebook for globe.anu un??buset na e nkaka abala n tlg. Uninstall k n nga un fb pagbalik andun p rin sha.

bombi September 22, 2016 Reply

Sir i registered gosurf 50 5d + freebie free facebook but when i used it there’s no facebook free data banner at the top of the fb app And also in 2 days i have no mb’s left . Any suggestion ? Thankyou

Princewill January 18, 2017 Reply

Please my facebook is showing #facebook is free. Above nd i cant diactivate wat can i do

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