Tweetbot for Mac

I am a big fan of Tweetbot for iPhone. There’s no denying I would recommend this app to any iPhone user who wants a more robust Twitter client for their smartphone. A price tag is attached to the app in the iTunes App Store, but the price is well worth it. This app is probably the best Twitter client-app out there available to any platform. Unfortunately, Tweetbot is an iOS-only app, which makes it one of the selling points why I choose the iPhone.

I also snapped up the Tweetbot app for the iPad, although I don’t use it as much as I use the iPhone version. Oftentimes, I use Flipboard in my iPad to browse/read tweets in my Twitter timeline.

Recently, Tapbots, the makers of Tweetbot, released the final version of Tweetbot for Mac. It’s now available in the Mac App Store for a whopping US$ 19.99.

I’ve tried the alpha as well as the beta releases of Tweetbot for Mac, and I liked it far beyond Tweetdeck and the official Twitter app. I would have gladly purchased the Mac application if it carried a price tag of around $7. But at the price the level of the full Mountain Lion operating system, I have to say “pass”. I would rather access Twitter from the web browser, or otherwise not use Twitter at all, instead of paying the exorbitant fee for the Tweetbot experience.

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