Jim Paredes on APO’s role in Edsa 2

I admired Jim Paredes’ response to a question brought to him on Twitter using the hashtag #ASKaQuestion.

The question:

@Jimparedes did you ever regret ur role in edsa 2 dat installed a more corrupt president? #ASKaQUESTION

His response posted on his Tumblr:

No. It was better to act than not to act. We came with good intentions. We did not fail the Filipino nation. GMA did. We cannot take responsibilities for her actions. We did our share.

Honestly, I haven’t looked at it from that perspective — what the Filipino people had done in EDSA 2 (no, I haven’t done any active part in that revolution). I have always thought that EDSA 2 was a failure. And now I’m starting to realize that, indeed, what Jim Paredes was saying is true! Those who took part in EDSA 2 did not fail the whole Filipino people. GMA did!

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