Why Stop at the RH Bill?!

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Raymond.

For the longest time, I had a notion that human life starts upon fertilization. I guess it is not the case anymore since the debate, contention and opposition against it has never been this strong.

I have always been a sucker for “happily-ever-after” kind of stuff that marriage is supposed to seal and usher in for lovebirds; but I guess I was just too cheesy and idealistic that the reality is that PH is the only remaining country not to have Divorce Law in place.

Life has become too complicated that we need to re-assess, re-evaluate and craft dynamic, progressive and open-minded legislation (and solutions) to guarantee utmost freedom to enjoy the best that life has to offer.

With this, I propose that we become bold enough to make do without boundaries, throw away inhibitions, be damned with constraints and be as free-spirited and free-minded as we can be – enjoy life to the hilt!

  1. Since we are on it, let’s declare that life starts upon successful delivery of a newborn. At any point prior to this, it would be the mother’s choice if she wants that lifeless mass to be nipped in the bud. It’s her body, her career, her libido and her life, so make it her choice. We’re pro-choice anyway.

    What’s the advantage? – No need for funding for contraceptive and educational materials – keep in mind, our funds are spread too thin already. And tax the Church, their schools’ tuition fees are as outrageous as the parcels of land they own and business interests they hold.

  2. Rephrase the marriage vows because they have become too outdated, idealistic and “too unconditional.” Put a Divorce Law in place that would be readily accessible to couples who want to “opt out” once they feel that “it is cramping their style” or if their union has become “something they rather do without” – no questions asked. But make financial support agreements for the sake of any eventual and surviving offspring a requisite – accidents like reproduction can still happen, you know – better to be safe and practical. We are rational beings first and foremost.
  3. As an alternative to item 2, we could rather just scrap the concept of marriage as it is! Doing so, no one will be bound to anyone. No need for the divorce bill at all! And the burden we refer to as children will be kept at a minimum because keep in mind, they can be terminated anytime before they get delivered. For the lucky (or unlucky) ones that get delivered at all – financial support agreements are in place so that takes care of it.
  4. Given above, no need to keep an intact “family” during these adventurous and free spirited times. Family is too boring, and it keeps us from achieving our goals, especially in our careers. And children grow old anyway whether a family is intact or not, so what’s the difference? Why bother? No more husbands, no more wives – everyone’s fair game. How exciting can that be?!
  5. Outlaw religion. A lot of free thinking sectors cannot fathom how in this day and age there are still those who “keep the faith” and recognize that God exists. God and religion is too foolish because it runs contrary to man’s natural tendencies. It robs man of life’s pleasures! Laws should govern man, not God, not faith, not beliefs. Go worship Hayden Kho or Steve Jobs instead.

Man is first and foremost, an animal. Let us not fight our nature, but instead live on our instincts and desires. No to children messing up our lives and draining our resources, no to married life, no to family life, no to spiritual life.

Man is an animal; so let’s make this so-called society of ours what befits of animals – a jungle.

(as it appeared in http://moncruz.tumblr.com/post/5995653869/why-stop-at-the-rh-bill)

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deuts May 31, 2011 Reply

If the world is a jungle, then Philippines would qualify as a heavily-polluted jungle! hehe

Raymond May 31, 2011 Reply

In the jungle there’s Crouching Tiger Deuts and Emon the Lion.

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