Remembering the Nokia 8800


I remembered going to Avant Abenson 5 or 6 years ago and seeing a model unit of this Nokia phone, the Nokia 8800, which then carried a price tag of around PHP 56,000.00 or so.

Can you imagine: small screen, no touch screen, no 3G, no GPS, not even a flash light? Such a luxury indeed.

Here’s the complete specs.

Now, you can easily get an iPhone 4 (factory unlocked) 16GB model from Greenhills at PHP 31,500.00. Or, better yet, get two high-end Android phones at the then price of the Nokia 8800.

Ironic, I even remembered a comment at tipidcp that the Nokia 1202, which was selling at PHP 1,200.00 a year ago, was an upgraded version (with flash light that is) of the Nokia 8210, which on the other hand was selling at what — maybe PHP 12,000.00 10 years ago.

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