Paddle to the Grave

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Raymond.

I’m an Upsilonian. And the last thing in my mind right now is to act self righteously and pretend and declare that my fraternity or this and that fraternity is pure and pristine.

Like the rest, I and my fraternity, condemn that stupid and senseless act of violence that transpired last Sunday during the Bar Exam Salubong. Those responsible should have their heads cut off in return since apparently they’re not using them anyway.

My point is that I hope the rest of the citizenry would not be that sweeping in generalizing that the entire fraternity system is all evil – because it’s certainly not. The same way establishing network and “connections” is not the be all and end all of everyone joining a fraternity – because that’s certainly lame and shallow.

The (not a few?) bad eggs unfortunately cast a very dark cloud on the entire fraternity system; pretty much overshadowing all the noble ideals and undertakings that fraternities are founded on and are living by.

But the police shouldn’t be abolished just because there are Mendozas, Binayugs, Jeuteng and kotong cops within their ranks. The justice system shouldn’t be scrapped just because there are hoodlums in robes within the august halls of the courts. And how unpopular this may be, Congress shouldn’t be abolished just because there are Arroyos, Singsons and a host of other shady characters who are in the House.

I still believe that it is pea-brained individuals who destroy a system; not really the other way around. So is it just fair that these individuals / sub groups a.k.a. thugs, be held liable and accountable, and not the institution / system in its entirety?

I’m not that sure though if I’m in the best position to talk about what is fair or not; for lives and limbs have been lost throughout the years. And whether I like it or not, I’m part of the system people have typecast as the root of all this mess.

Until people realize that there’s still a line (no matter how thin) separating fraternity members from paddle swinging, lead pipe wielding, gun toting and pillbox throwing blood thirsty gangsters, I and all fraternity members will have to bear the stigma of being no different than your common thug.

As a parting shot, allow me to end by shooting out this question:

The late Ninoy Aquino was my brod. Is he a martyr, or was he a thug?


  1. Unfortunately, I just learned this afternoon that a classmate in High School was one of the victims of this incident. We want justice and we want it swift.

  2. anu balita pre? pa-forward b sg email

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