The Cory Aquino Funeral and the Error 99

I don’t think I could let it pass when I knew that former President Cory Aquino’s funeral march will pass by near my place. So I grabbed my camera and tried my best to document the event despite the heavy rains.

However, as I was shooting around, I got the much dreaded Error 99 by every Canon camera owners. Maybe it was because of the dying battery, maybe the CF card, maybe the lens, or worst–the camera itself (God forbid!)

Everytime the error occured, I had to turn off the camera and back on again before I can actually get the shot. It was real annoying, but at least I got to take some pictures (see below).

It was a long wait, but I guess it was worth it. The was I guess the largest crowd I’ve ever seen so far, and in a rainy day at that.

Back to the error, I still have to perform some tests in order to isolate what’s actually causing the error. So please wish me luck that I won’t need to replace a lens or the camera.

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