Sungha Jung: The Next Youtube Sensation?

As is usually the case, what determines the success of a great musician is how great he/she is at his favorite musical instrument as well as at singing. They usually go together. The chances of success when you’re only playing an instrument is lower than when you can do both well at your instrument and singing.

Oftentimes, in a rock band or any musical band for that matter, the vocalist becomes more popular than everyone else.


The number of artists who are popular for their singing (some even no nothing about the piano or guitar) far exceeds the number of artists who are only known for their craft in guitar, piano, drums, and other musical instruments.

So, if you ask me, will Sungha Jung be the next Youtube sensation? I’m not really sure. I’m quite pessimistic on this. He might already be a sensation with millions of views for each of his videos on Youtube. At a young age, he surely plays the guitar very well. Watch this video as he played Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean:


But he’s not the only kid to play the guitar (or any musical instrument for that matter) very well at such a young age. Some of which we’ve already seen in Youtube, while some we are yet to see in the future. We’ve seen our very own (a Filipino) Enzo play “Flight of the Bumble Bee” when he was 10 years old:


He might not be as exaggerated amazing as Maksim, but you see he was only 10. (BTW, he played it once again when he was 13, watch it here.)

Anyway, my point is, if Sungha Jung wants to take this Youtube limelight to the next level, he should learn to sing.

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