Internet Explorer is Bull; Switch Browsers Now

Now I’m joining to bandwagon of the haters of Internet Explorer. I’m starting to share the sentiments of those real web designers in their disgust over Microsoft’s web browser called the “Internet Explorer”.

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Various problems with internet explorer (IE) occured before, but it reached it peak as I was designing my tumblog here at Deuts.NET. Not to mention the javascript that won’t show up in IE6.

Why, can’t just people using the internet scrap IE altogether? It’s a nightmare for web designers. It’s a total crap, don’t you realize? I’m offering some reasons why you should do so. This is not an inclusive list, you might want to check the 101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot for a more detailed list.

  • It is not internet design standards compliant – talk about CSS2 and CSS3
  • It’s not safe for web browsing – read browsehappy
  • It is proprietary – it’s Microsoft’s, remember?
  • It’s not flexible – check out the vast collection of addons in firefox.

What are the Alternatives

You might call me a Mozilla (especially Firefox) fan. Not quite. I’m listing down below your alternatives. Choose one or all, just not IE (be it 6, 7 or even the upcoming IE8).

(Update: Google Chrome and Flock browsers were added as alternative browsers to Internet Explorer)

Join the Internet Explorer Hatelisting.


deuts October 28, 2008 Reply

O and I failed to mention flock. It’s one great internet browser as well.

Ryan Graves October 29, 2008 Reply

Make sure you now mention Google Chrome! Its a super fast browser and although not perfect you may like it because of its speed.

Also, thanks for checkin out my blog today. Hope you liked what you read!

deuts October 29, 2008 Reply

Yeah right, I missed another great browser. I’ll update the post in the moment. Thanks!

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