Implementing Rules and Regulations – RA 9504

At long last, the BIR has issued the final IRR (Implementing Rules and Regulations) of Republic Act No. 9504, an Act Amending Sections 22, 24, 34,35, 51 and 79 of Republic Act no. 8424. It’a available for download from the BIR website. Thanks to Nora for the heads up.

For sure, a lot of people who have long been waiting for this release will deluge in the website and may bring their server down. I already downloaded a copy (including annexes) and compiled them myself.

It’ll be available for download here.


  1. THANKS. I really need to do my own computation. I really feel like i am being shortchanged.

  2. Thanks for the info.. This is what I need for my assignment!! 😀

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