The Tax Exemption Bill

According to this news, the approval of the tax exemption bill that’s been pending in the Senate was rushed. I say this has long been overdue.

MANILA, Philippines — With three weeks left before Congress goes into recess, the Senate is rushing the approval of a long-awaited measure that seeks to exempt minimum wage earners from paying the income tax.

But with the inflation since 1997, the brackets in the progressive tax table definitely needs as much adjustment as the personal exemption. Otherwise, it would just be like saving the lowly taxpayers a meal a day when they eat three times a day.

And, oh come on, could you please stop mentioning about that “revenue loss” for the government. I’m not even sure whether it’s “probable that economic benefits will flow” to the Filipino people anyway. That’s the revenue recognition principle, you know! 😀

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  1. Yea I completely agree. The progressive tax needs to be revisited and adjusted by inflation if the government is really serious in exempting minimum wage earners from tax. Otherwise the purpose will be defeated by an inappropriate implementation.

  2. Yo Mr. Wilson, is there a way to compare the tax system between the Philippines and Australia? I would love to read your blog about that!

    Keep on blogging!

  3. irate_agent08

    The fact that this issue is currently flooding with sensible comments from tax payers like me, allow me to share my view… As a call center agent earning from 8-10T every payday, I oftentimes find myself thinking why am I working for a tax deduction equivalent to a three night shift workday (which my company deducts every 15th and 30th) when in fact the government can not even provide adequate security for the nightly workers and could not even say, “Thank you for working for us! – The Govenment Officials.”

  4. Hi Irate Agent, thanks for that feedback. In as much as I share your sentiments, it can’t actually stop me from continue hoping for a country we always dreamed of to be. After all, asides from our own contribution, that’s what we only have…HOPE!

  5. Perhaps they should also consider lowering the tax base to a max of 30% to coincide with the plunge of corporate income tax rates in 2009. This will be plus points to the incumbent government as well as to the advocates of RA9337 for the 2010 elections. :p

  6. thanks for your comment, deuts… but for now, i need to thank the legislators for FINALLY coming up with this amendment. Indeed, this has long been overdue…



  7. Well, this law will definitely benefit the lower class, especially the minimum wage earners. But what about the middle class? We won’t almost feel the impact of that.

    The legislators surely earned the pogi points from that act, without sparing much from the taxpayers what they actually deserve.


  8. I would like to know if there is a tax exemption for a call center agent that has income of Php 15,000 / payday

  9. Hi Jhem, I don’t think you belong to the minimum wage group. That’s actually what I’m trying to say here. Majority of the Filipino people thinks the legislators (and the government for that matter) has done them a great favor. But if you scrutinize the amendment to the tax law very well, it’s just a small tax savings especially for us in the middle class.

  10. Thank u. Is there a law if the company did not provide TIN? Because this is my first job. My company continous deduct to my salary even w/o TIN. I worried if they pay my ITR.

  11. Definitely, you should have a Tax Identification Number (TIN). Your first company should have applied you for that. If they refuse to give you your TIN, something is definitely wrong.

  12. Salamat kay Mar roxas dahil he’s thinking for many of us na sumasahod lang ng minimum…mas marami kami na ganito keysa sa inyo…

    1. You have to understand, xemplias, that we are not against the tax exemption towards minimum wage earners. As a matter of fact, I’m saying that this has long been overdue. But that not only to minimum wage earners — an across the board adjustment is also but necessary.

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