2007: A Year in Review (Part 4 of 4)

Please proceed to Part 1 for the explanation as to what this post is all about. Also drop by Part 2 and Part 3.

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Back from a place where pork was a scarcity, what better way to welcome the homecoming than a serving of crispy pata from Max’s Restaurant:

Crispy Pata

CCP, across Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas:


And of course:

No, this is not Corniche in Doha. It’s Manila Bay:

By the Bay

Did you see that dirt and pollution?

Pictures taken from the Manila Cathedral:




The MDAC Sportsfest:

Mdac sportsfest

Kamalig, my study area while I was in Tigbauan:


Delicious dinuguan and KBL (kadios-baboy-langka):


Kadios baboy Langka


Serendra in Fort Bonifacio

The infamous flash flood situations in Metro Manila:

Flash Flood

The Kalesa Driver in me:

Kalesa Driver

Jose Rizal in Luneta:

Jose Rizal in Luneta



San Miguel, Iloilo

The way via San Miguel

A refreshing look of the province and the farm:

The Farm

The MDAC Christmas party:

MDAC Christmas Party

MDAC Christmas Group

MDAC Christmas IT and QC group

And of course, there’s no party if there are no gate crashers:

The Gate Crashers

My former dormmates at my new residence:

Former Dormmates

When darkness falls:

When darkness falls

The new rooftop view:

My New Rooftop view

And of course, the wedding of the year as per deuts.net:

The Wedding

Love birds:

Love Birds

And that’s it for 2007. For 2008, may there be more pictures to come! 🙂

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