Torre-Antonio Chess Rematch in 2008

Grandmasters Eugene Torre and Joey Antonio renew their rivalry and will be staging a 12-round showdown in the summer of 2008. The match will be for two reasons: to promote chess in the countryside and prepare themselves for the biggest battleground of the sport–the Chess Olympiad.


Mike January 3, 2008 Reply

Who will win? My pick will be Torre – my sentimental favorite, even though Joey edged him during the first duel. Deuts and Val wanna bet for 5 rounds of drink?

deuts January 3, 2008 Reply

Sure! No problem! Kelan ka ba uwi dito?

deuts January 3, 2008 Reply

5 rounds lng? hehehehe

Mike January 3, 2008 Reply

okay let’s make it drink all you can. Nandyan ako sa May.

Val July 31, 2008 Reply

Top 8 natuloy ba itong match na to?

deuts August 1, 2008 Reply

abay malay ko. mas interested pa ako cguro kung so-paragua match n lng. hindi ung matatanda….heheheh

deuts August 12, 2008 Reply

According dito, kung ito nga to, draw daw 3-3.

Pero, ito basahin mo ito, mas maganda to:

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