Finally an Upgrade

Finally, I’ve made the much needed upgrade of my wordpress intallation from WordPress 2.0.4 to WordPress 2.2.2. After more than a year, I was able to finally carry out the upgrade.

In concert with the upgrade, I also brought in some new features into the site for a better browsing experience. Visit the homepage to find random quotes at the top of the page and some sideblogs.

Furthermore, we are introducing more new features. Well, they’re not really that new. They have long been in the development phase. I was just waiting for the right time to formally launch it.

  • Forums
  • In this blog, I initiate all the discussion and everyone can participate. In the forums, any member can initiate discussions based on topics that interest them. Of course, anyone can still participate. That is, if you visit the forums.

    The forums are organized according to categories and forum topics related to

    Marky and I actually have a good discussion there regarding: if you were given a chance, the resources, and an informed judgement, which set of lenses you should have in your camera bag? (Ultimate set of lens – Dream set) Anyone can join the discussion.

  • Gallery
  • I’m actually trapped into this dilemma about which gallery should I retain:

    1. Gallery based on wordpress and falbum plugin; or
    2. Gallery based on satellite stand-alone program

    Both programs use images hosted in my flickr account. That way, I don’t have to maintain two galleries. So, for people without access to flickr, either because they’re denied access to flickr by their network servers (e.g., office networks) or their countries’ internet service providers (e.g., UAE), I’m afraid you can’t test out both galleries.

    To help me with this dilemma, I would really appreciate if you find time to test the two galleries out and judge them according to their look, the interface, the speed by which it loads images, in short the whole browsing experience. Please leave your comment below.

Even though the pagerank of recently slid down from PR4 to PR2, well, we are not actually after pagerank position at all. primary reason for being is to connect. So, till next time!

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