A Gift in My Inbox

Guess what I got from my inbox today:

Hi jotuvillo!

wjusto21 has just purchased a Flickr Pro Account for you!

Your new Pro Account is set to expire on 25th May, 2009.
(You don’t have to do anything to activate your Pro
Account. It’s all automatic.)

Having a Flickr Pro Account means you get unlimited storage
and uploads all the time. You can also make as many sets as
you want.

A two-year pro account in flickr! Thanks to Wilson for that wonderful birthday present! You really are a great friend! hehe

At least, that would also put my dilemma in choosing a photo gallery, between gallery2 or a flickr pro account, to a stop, just like Ajay who’ve been into the same situation before.

Now, my problem is, how can I find time to organize my photos in my laptop and upload them all to my flickr account. Such a big problem, eh!

Nevermind, just visit my flickr photos for updates.

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