7 thoughts on “A Glimpse at the NBA Playoffs

  1. sherwin

    This is a lesson for the Miami Heat. They took the regular season for granted, thinking they can click the “on” switch come playoff time just like last year. They deserve this. I think the Pistons are going to win it this year. Among the remaining eastern conference teams, the Pistons have the best chance of beating any of the western conference superpowers (Spurs, Suns and Mavs)in a seven game series.

  2. deuts Post author

    @ Sherwin, they must be thankful Indiana Pacers did not make it through the playoffs. Otherwise, even the Lakers with Larry Bird will be annihilated. Bwahahahah

  3. sherwin

    I remember those NBA live days when my lakers went undefeated against your pacers for 2-3 seasons. hehehe.

  4. deuts Post author

    Undefeated? In your dreams! You were given odds, and you couldn’t even make your team win! bwahahahahahahah!


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