The Most Celebrated Video Scandal of 2009

Perhaps you reached this page hoping to get maybe even a glimpse of the video I’m talking about. Well I’m sorry to disappoint you but you won’t get to watch any video here nor get any link to the videos.

Anyway, in the recent developments, Dr. Hayden Kho expressed his apology and regret over the whole scandal in an interview by GMA Network. I wonder though, did he regret for recording the video beyond the awareness of his partner or for failure to have discovered beforehand about truecrypt?

TrueCrypt is a software application used for real-time on-the-fly encryption. It can create a virtual encrypted disk within a file or a device-hosted encrypted volume on either an individual partition or an entire storage device. It supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (using FUSE) and encrypted volumes can be made portable. The version for Windows Vista or XP can encrypt the boot partition or entire boot drive and has the ability to create and run a hidden encrypted operating system whose existence is deniable.

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Okay, don’t get me wrong. I believe that recording a video of your sexual act beyond the awareness and consent of your partner is plain “retarded-ness” at best (I mean there could be worse descriptions). And failure to secure and encrypt those stupid videos is a grave blunder.