Symbian Nokia: Enhancing Speed and Performance

The Nokia E51 with the Symbian S60 Operating SystemWe have heard and read a lot about optimizing your computer performance and enhance speed in the process. But what about mobile phones? We, in one way or another, do sometimes are affected with lagging phone software processing.

Just like desktop computers, mobile phones do have operating systems (OS) as well. In the high-end Nokia phones, they’re running on Symbian S60. Then there’s Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry OS and iPhone OS to name some of the other OS’s.

And just like in desktop computers, there are tricks as well to optimize your mobile phones’ performance. Smartin enumerated some tips on “How to Speed Up Nokia Phones with Symbian Mobile OS“, namely:

  • Install firmware update with care
  • Speed up Nokia phone with software
  • Remove unnecessary applications
  • Kill background running and autostart apps
  • Use default themes

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