DSLR Cameras: What’s the Take?

If you’ve been from vacation lately, or even in malls and parks, you’ll see a lot of Digital SLR’s (DSLR’s) around. They seem like the regular digital point-and-shoot (P&S) cameras of four years ago. Owning one don’t seem like a luxury any longer, although they are yet worth a fortune especially the accessories (financial crisis, my a**).

The good thing about it is you won’t attract much attention anymore as you would before – maybe around 2-3 years ago – while lagging that big black camera around.

DSLR manufacturers likely have succeeded in selling their products. DSLR’s of today are treated like P&S, the sad thing is more often than not, they are used like one. The weight and the bulk is the bonus.

But of course, there are serious hobbyists and amateurs. A lot of friends who got their own DSLR lately have been asking what and where to start. And my suggestion has always been:

  • Read the manual;
  • Read about techniques; and
  • Practice

A lot of things are available in the manual but not in the internet or in any other books, especially when it comes to the functions specific to your camera.

One can always refer to resources available from books to digital e-books and various articles all over the internet. To start with, I always suggest the article, “Beginner’s FAQ” from the Photonotes.org. Take a look also at these 21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know.

Practice – ahh practice. I definitely myself lack thereof.