Don’t Lose Your Balance

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Cliff.

Have you ever been caught in a situation staring at your reflection in front of a pail of water, remembering all your life’s flashbacks starting from the day you’ve learned to remember something..? Ever experienced gesturing a Mona Lisa’s smile by yourself and end up laughing like you’re with Mr. Bean to those situations of your life, questioning why they’d only happened to you and not to others? These are but just few questions you might be thinking when you’re in a situation you didn’t expect to be happening in the first place. It’s what they call nostalgic, wistful, longing, homesickness or what ever they might call it.

It is a funny feeling that this regretful case in point paved the way to evaluate levels of experience reflecting the most desirable events that could happen in your life then comparing them with what you’ve already experienced. Too many disparities isn’t it. At a certain point, you might wish of having an extrasensory perception that could possibly help predict the remaining future so you would be able to anticipate your actions on them. Others say that one possibility of accessing the future is through dreaming. Dreams don’t just happen without any cause and they are just but ‘theoretical’ experiences that happen in our illusionary world, a database of our past and future ‘us’. You can’t just have them if you want them at an instant. And it is consistent with the reality that one is bound to prove that you’re worthy having something. A glimpse of the future you is alterable by your acts of free will and acceptance. Have you ever thought that your perception of the future ‘you’ can cause your past? How confusing this might be, right?

justiceThink of a weighing scale, the one that is commonly used for measuring golds and diamonds, or just think of the weighing scale in the Justice Dept’s logo. On the left is maybe your past while the future is on the other side. Both sides are affected by the weight laid on each side. The lever in between represents your acts of free will. Without it, there would be no weighing scale, and there would be no past or future you in a brighter sense. You might be puzzled already on what you’ve become, on who and what you are now and what might be next in line. The real you is something worth discovering, a proof that life is not just about what others see or perceive about you, it’s how you comprehend yourself. Stay calm and take full control…

Author: Cliff