Hands On with the Nokia Lumia 800

Note: I forgot to shoot the video in landscape mode.

Saw the Nokia Lumia 800 on display at the Globe store in Greenbelt 4. I have to admit, this is the first time I put a hand on a Windows Phone device, and my impression: the OS design was sleek. With the advancements in mobile hardware these days, device manufacturers can ensure the snappiness of this OS.

Of course, I’m an iPhone guy, but I have to say the cool interface of WP7 can be better in its own right. If only there can be as well enough number of apps to support the platform.

Definitely now, WP7 is better than Android. Ironic, because Android is supposed to be a “free” open source OS so one should expect to pay lower for an Android device, given the same hardware specs. But that is not the case if you truly look closer into the smartphone market.