Cloud Storage

SugarSync – A Cloud Service with No Search Functionality

If you are a cloud service to backup, access, sync and share documents, photos, music and movies across devices across different platforms, then I don’t need to stress enough the importance of a search functionality. We’re not talking about sharing one or two documents only here to start with.

In the case of SugarSync, the Search Feature has been requested for as early as October 2010. It has been at the top of their priority list ever since, as they have indicated in their responses. In my opinion, to be at the top of the priority list for almost two years is not priority enough.

No need for full content search of each document. It borders on the breach of privacy anyway. A simple file name search is acceptable!

It is funny how SugarSync can brag about their offerings, and even bashed Dropbox for the upgrade (but still inferior) in their referral bonus program and Google for being late in the game, but they can’t even implement the simple but basic functionality of search.

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