linkding is a simple bookmark service that you can host yourself. It’s designed be to be minimal, fast, and easy to set up using Docker.

Personally, I liked Linkding’s interface. Uses just Sqlite, easy to backup and transfer anywhere. The problem is I want my links publicly accessible and browseable, which there’s no option here.


LinkAce is a self-hosted archive to collect links of your favorite websites. Save articles to read them later, tools to use them in your next project, or historic content to archive it for the long term. LinkAce comes with a lot of features while keeping a clean and minimal interface.

Not as simple interface as Linkding. I like simple. This also needs mysql so a little bloated for my taste. But this one can have guests (i.e., everyone) can access the site.


Cherry is an open source self-hostable bookmark service. I was able to install it via docker compose and access the page, problem is I can’t login after I created a user with the docker exec command as instructed from its documentation.

From Reddit, it appears you need to run it behind reverse proxy to make the login work. So much work for just testing before committing eh?


Maybe also worth a try:

Check it out on Github.