Can I use the GOMO Sim in a Pocket Wifi?

GOMO is so far the only cellular service that offer 25GB for ₱299 and that don’t expire. But is the sim only usable in a smartphone? Can I also stick it into a pocket wifi or a prepaid home wifi, to enjoy the unexpiring data?

I was looking for the answer around the web, but couldn’t find any. So I hit them up on Twitter, and here’s what I got:

So yes, you can use the GOMO Sim in a pocket wifi, Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi, or any unlocked/open-line wifi router device, only that you have to activate the sim first in a mobile phone (Android or iOS/iPhone) app.

10 thoughts on “Can I use the GOMO Sim in a Pocket Wifi?”

  1. Can GOMO sim be used for Text messages or make Calls?
    How many text/call can you make in Php299 initial purchase?
    Will this also not expire?

  2. Nakita lang word na expire… duplicate na agad.
    ang dagdag sana unang tanong… kung may text/call na kasama GOMO… hindi rin ba nawawala iyon at mapaso?

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