Can I use the GOMO Sim in a Pocket Wifi?

GOMO is so far the only cellular service that offer 25GB for ₱299 and that don’t expire. But is the sim only usable in a smartphone? Can I also stick it into a pocket wifi or a prepaid home wifi, to enjoy the unexpiring data?

I was looking for the answer around the web, but couldn’t find any. So I hit them up on Twitter, and here’s what I got:

So yes, you can use the GOMO Sim in a pocket wifi, Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi, or any unlocked/open-line wifi router device, only that you have to activate the sim first in a mobile phone (Android or iOS/iPhone) app.

7 thoughts on “Can I use the GOMO Sim in a Pocket Wifi?

  1. rrcv

    Can GOMO sim be used for Text messages or make Calls?
    How many text/call can you make in Php299 initial purchase?
    Will this also not expire?

  2. rrcv

    Nakita lang word na expire… duplicate na agad.
    ang dagdag sana unang tanong… kung may text/call na kasama GOMO… hindi rin ba nawawala iyon at mapaso?

    1. deuts Post author

      You can convert your data, or what they call ‘Mo Creds, into SMS or Call allowance or both, both of which wala ring expiration un.


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