Now, Who’s Playing Catch Up? — Twitter for Android!

Last month, August 26, 2012 to be exact, I uploaded a video at my Youtube channel (and posted at my Tumblr blog) comparing the experience of using the official Twitter apps for Android and iOS:

In the above video I used iPhone 4 to represent iOS 5.1.1 and Samsung Galaxy S II for Android 4.0.3.

What the video was trying to convey was that the smooth experience of iOS brings with it the ability to pinch-to-zoom into pictures posted on Twitter using the official Twitter app.

Lately, Twitter released an update to its official Twitter app for Android — version 3.4.0. In the “Change Log”, it is described to contain the update that brings the ‘pinch-to-zoom on photos’ feature.

I guess that makes my video irrelevant now, yeah? But now, who’s trying to play catch up then? Obviously, it’s Twitter for Android.

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