Fritz12 Licensing: Activating and Deactivating the Software

fritz-12-2Recently, I got Chessbase’ Fritz12 that I ordered online. Before I installed it, I was looking for any mention in the Terms and Conditions in the usage of the software regarding multiple installation. I’m particularly interested if I am allowed to install the same in multiple computers, and what happens if I reinstall the OS or change computers.

Unfortunately, there were no written Terms and Conditions in the booklets or manual that came with the DVD disk, nor in the actual contents of the disk. I scrounged the internet about it to no avail. I even emailed their helpdesk, and this is what they have to reply:

Yes, you are welcome to install and to activate the program on both of your computers.

Nothing helpful at all.

After installing the program, I checked the help file, and this is what it has to say on activation and deactivation of the software:

The program is activated with a serial number. The serial number is printed on the cover of the user manual accompanying the program. After entering the serial number you have to register the program on the Internet.

If a serial number is not already present in the text boxes type the number that is printed on the cover of the user manual. The serial number can be used to install the program on a maximum of three computers. If you want to install the program on a new computer, or you want to re-install your operating system, you should first deactivate the current registration online.

The reason for this is the hardware recognition. During the registration the program sends information about the user’s system configuration to the server. This increases the number of remaining installations by one, and the program can be re-installed on a different system configuration.

If you want to carry on using the program after changing the system configuration you also have to deactivate and re-activate the program.

Exactly what I was looking for, thank God.

I believe Chessbase should be clear about in the first place, and at least publish these provisions at their website. I’m sure there are a lot of users who are wondering about this for their purchased computer program.

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