1. Guys, I’m planning to register a common domain name for current and ex-CLMC colleagues. We can share and exchange information through that portal. What do you think?

    Edwin, you can maintain your account with Xanga.

  2. ayos yan gil! =) just have it done.. tamad ako mag aral html eh hehe.. hanggang pangarap lang muna ako hehe..

    deuts, nakakaiyak naman sountrack natin hehe..

  3. Deuts, guys, I need your inputs. Ano kaya mag-click na domain name for all of us?

  4. @ Edwin, ayos yan soundtrack natin…hehehehe

    @ Gilario, what about deloitteph.org, check ko na yan available yan….hehe

  5. This is to announce that we have registered a common domain name for CLMC friends and colleageus. Our common domain name is thegreendotph.org. The website will be our online portal.

    In the coming days, we will be giving free emails hosted by Google.

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