Kindle Keyboard (3rd Gen) Stuck in USB Drive Mode

One day, my Kindle Keyboard came out of the bag with its screen showing that it’s in USB Drive Mode:

Kindle Keyboard Stuck in USB Drive Mode

Note that it’s not connected via USB to power socket or computer whatsoever. Connecting the device, however, to the computer, either in a Mac or PC, the computer cannot recognize the device. It’s not in the ‘My Computer’ nor in the Finder.

I tried resetting the Kindle, just like the methods described in various forums, for exactly 15, 20, 30, and 40 seconds, but nothing happened.

The last resort was contacting Amazon, which by the way ain’t that easy to find out how from the website. I kept in touch with a customer service representative earlier today via chat and explained my problem. She offered to replace my unit for free since it was still under warranty. I agreed.

She explained there’ll be zero cost on my part. They’ll ship the new device to the address of my choice, even in the Philippines, and I need to send back the defective one within 30 days of receipt of the replacement unit, otherwise my credit card will be charged with the cost of the replacement (plus shipping I presume). They even sent me a pre-paid mailing label so I won’t be incurring additional costs for mailing back the defective unit.

The order details indicate that I should expect delivery of my replacement unit within 3-5 days. I’ll just update this blog post once I have developments on this transaction.

Update: August 9, 2012

I received the replacement unit last Thursday, August 2, 2012 (expected delivery date they indicated was August 1-3, 2012). I dropped off the defective unit last Saturday, August 4, 2012, to the nearest UPS dropoff center. I received a notification from UPS earlier that my shipment has already been delivered to Amazon. Everything, it seems, went well. Indeed, I didn’t have to spend a penny during this replacement process.

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