PNoy State of the Nation Address 2010

guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Raymond.

While it is very much welcome for the President to report to the people what kind of a sh*t hole the past administration has driven our nation into after nine inglorious years, it shouldn’t be the end all and be all of the SONA.

Though it seems that nothing can shock us anymore regarding the GMA administration’s wicked ways, we are still bound to be shocked by what we are about to be told, according to PNoy.

Beyond the impending shock coming our way though, what will be more shocking is if we’re going to dwell and end there. The overwhelming majority voted for PNoy because they believe that he can and will deliver the reforms we need. The SONA should indicate how people responsible for such despicable acts will be brought to justice, and what concrete steps will be undertaken to address what we are left with after the dark days of Arroyo.

If it’s mere reportage that we need, former VP Noli De Castro, with his signature voice, should have been the man. But what the people thirst for is rectification and what they clamor for are solutions.

Realistically speaking, the next six years shouldn’t promise for us a hacienda at the end of the path. Just leading us through the “daang matuwid” will already be a journey very much worth undertaking.

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  1. Unlike the militant groups and rallyists currently camped outside the Batasan, I’m giving the new administration enough leg room to effect some significant improvements from the previous administration’s manner of doing things.

    This SONA should set the tone and direction as to what we should realistically expect and contribute in the next few years.

    With GMA and Kris Aquino pretty much not part of the scene, things should only go better, hopefully.

  2. Well said.

    But personally I am disappointed with the SONA. It lacked direction and I do not know what’s the President’s vision for the country. While it is best for our system to prosecute those who committed crime (i said crime because i can imagine how difficult to prosecute those who just made stupid decisions or mismanaged the government or those who just didn’t deliver on their job), it is far more important for the president to lay down the big plan and move forward this country. Just like what Ramos did. Justice? Leave it to the justice department… and just make sure such mistakes wont happen again.

  3. If not for Pnoy, we could have had Erap as president again and that would have been so sad. Pnoy may not impress you much as he does not exude commanding leadership or overwhelming confidence. What he has is good intentions and a helpfull heart. Let’s not ask what he can do for the country but what we can do to help him direct and change our country for the better.

  4. He’s doing great thus far, at least in my books. I hope everyone pitches in and follows his lead. It’s really depressing that we were that close in having Erap, a convicted plunderer, as President – yet again. When do we ever learn?!

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