Accountancy-Related Youtube Videos

Deloitte Tax Level 4
DNN (Deloitte News Network) patterned to that of CNN. I like best the weather report.

Sarbane’s Oxley Film Trailer
What happens when you mix a little corporate misconduct with a lot of misconduct of your own? …Mistresses, Mergers & Mayhem! According to IMDb:

Sarbane’s Oxley is set against the backdrop of today’s top business headlines and highlights the lives affected by the acquisition of a Wall Street technology startup. Robert, a young attorney new to the Wall Street scene, must grapple with his inner conscious and the invisible forces of corruption surrounding him while dealing with the equally challenging and deceptive forces taking hold in his sordid love life

Funny Accountant – Rufus Payne
Accountants One’s 2006 Search for Atlanta’s Funniest Accountant. Rufus Payne, is the comedian/accountant in this clip

And finally, my favorite:

Auditor has the Will to WIn

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