Fluorescent Lamp

I’m not exactly sure actually whether it’s true that indeed a Filipino invented the fluorescent. They say that it was written in textbooks in elementary and high school, but that I didn’t encounter.

Here’s what the wikipedia have to say:

Many believe that a Filipino named Agapito Flores was the original inventor of the fluroescent light. It is reported that that he received a French patent for his invention and sold it to General Electric, which made millions of dollars from his idea. Flores however presented his patent to General Electric after the company had already presented the fluorescent light to the public, and much after it was originally invented.

On the other hand, about.com detailed the timeline on the invention of the fluorescent.

So what now becomes of those textbooks, if there’s a claim like that indeed?


bokbok March 15, 2007 Reply

indeed i was made to believe that agapito flores invented the fluorescent light, it was not just cited in elem and hs books but it is taught by teachers as well, until now they do… just recently, a hs jr brother of mine asked me to do a research for him about inventors and that includes agapito flores, only then that i learned that he was not the inventor of the fluorescent light and the word fluorescent ddnt came from the word flores…

deuts March 16, 2007 Reply

For me, I wasn’t able to read about that in any book since elementary. I may have heard it though someone told me, that’s why I didn’t remember his name.

Jaypee March 17, 2007 Reply

I don’t remember if I learned about this in school or from someone. Nevertheless, I really believed that Agapito Flores invented the fluorescent lamp when I was a kid. Hehe

Talking about Pinoy inventors, I also thought that the karaoke machine was invented by a Filipino. I think I knew this from Ernie Baron’s tv show. LOL 😀

Kimpot October 26, 2007 Reply

I didn’t know that huh… all these years I thought Agapito was the one who invented the flourescent lamp untill I encounter this. This only proves that reading often makes a person learn more……………..and gets a little bit confused for some reasons…

deuts October 26, 2007 Reply

Yeah, reading really helps a lot. Especially with the advent of the internet, you definitely have a vast of knowledge out there available for harvest! 🙂

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