New Iloilo International Airport

The Iloilo international airport will be open to commercial flights in April and is expected to boost the tourism industry and economy in Western Visayas.

    The P8.759-billion project is 97-percent complete and the first commercial flight will land there on April 18, according to Senator Franklin Drilon, who inspected the site with Transportation Secretary Leandro Mendoza on Friday.

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Does this mean I can now take a direct flight to and from Qatar and Iloilo?

Equipped with modern equipment, the NIADP which will be operational 24 hours a day could accommodate bigger aircrafts like Airbus 330 and Airbus 340 and even Boeing 747.

Let’s see.

Construction of the Iloilo international airport started in 2004 and will be completed on March 18. The airport is being built on a 188-hectare area straddling Sta. Barbara and Cabatuan towns, 24 kilometers west of here.

I’m not sure yet how far will the terminal be from the city, and from Tigbauan. I haven’t seen the area yet.

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  1. The International Airport is in Sta Barbara? Ain’t that too far from the city? I guess they had to build it there coz if they built it near the present domestic airport, flooding and landspace would be a big problem. Oh well, it’s okay as long as they fix and widen the roads going there. If they build a good highway, travel time won’t be a problem.

    They should also fix the Iloilo Domestic Airport.

  2. Hey, have you been to Iloilo?

    Yeah, I think they’re planning to convert the old airport into something like a PEZA industrial area, which is good huh.

    The new airport I think would be around 20 to 30 km from the city. Anyway, even the Mactan International Airport is about that far from Cebu City.

  3. My dad’s from Iloilo and I’ve stayed there for a couple of years. We do go back for vacation or family reunions and holidays. Last time I was there was Jan or Feb of last year right before I left for the US. Stayed in Sara most of the time.

    Glad to know that they’re gonna do something better with the current airport. So that means all flights would now go to that new one in Sta. Barbara? I guess putting the airport there would also divert some of the traffic away from the city. 🙂

  4. Glad to hear & very proud to have a new international airport. “I salute to Senator Franklin Drilon and join hands with Gov. Niel Tupas Sr”. Hope, they will think next to have factories, source of employment & extension of different embassies in Iloilo City.
    Mabuhay ang Ilonggo. .mabuhay si Sen.F. Drilon!

  5. Ernesto Diono Fulgencio Jr.

    This is the best project that our Beloved Iloilo ever have for the past decades. I am proud of it and to those who made this project a success. To all Ilonggos abroad.. welcome to our new Iloilo International AIRPORT!

  6. Congratulations to all the people behind in making the new Iloilo International Airport a reality! I salute you, Sen. Franklin Drilon for being the prime-mover of this high impact project benefiting Iloilo and nearby provinces. I hope in the near future there will be flight from Iloilo to Singapore and back.

  7. Hi!
    Illonggos now should be proud of havin a world class airport.Sa july pa ako mapuli from abroad and its the first time na bumaba sa cabatuan.Its near my home in Janiuay though.Thanks!

  8. I’ve seen the new Iloilo Airport in pixs only. It seems it’s more beautiful than Singapore Budget Terminal. Hope it will be maintain in top-shape condition always. Hope it will have some international flts soon, maybe Asean countries as a start. This will decongest the MIA’s which are chaotic. Cebu Pac, how about a flight to Singapore?

  9. my family is getting excited- we’ll then be spending christmas in pototan and my! bag-o airport, pang-international pa.shortcut lng kme via sta.barbara-lucena pakadto pototan.

  10. Ernesto Diono Fulgencio Jr.

    To all Ilong-ilonganon abroad, I urge you to grab the first opportunity to take a direct flight if availble from where you might come from to our ILOILO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. ***MABUHAY ANG MGA ILONGGO***

  11. Hoping Iloilo International Airport will have Nagoya-Iloilo direct flight. .”daw para lang , Japan is next-door”

  12. d new Iloilo Airport is more beautiful,functional convenient than Mactan and NAIA 1, who’s the architect anyway? A job well done for him…

  13. Thinking of my trip going home to Iloilo from Singapore this coming Dec., is so exciting! For the first time, I could enjoy the comfort & cleanliness of the new Iloilo Airport. Unlike the old airport whose airconditioner sometimes breakdown, & the toilet so small at the arrival area. It’s stink also. I am not aware if the airport taxi’s are good. Anyone who could inform us (mga bag-ong dulhog) regarding taxi’s services?

  14. Wala pa ako nakapauli and hoping to land at this new Iloilo Airport sometime in December this year. Puro pa lang litrato ang nakita namon nga taga gua sang Iloilo, Personally ang makomentar ko iya nga manami gid man ang ila nga lugar nga gin patindugan sang bag-o nga Iloilo Airport. I just hope mabuhinan ang mga manug tunto sa mga pasahero pareho abi sang taxi drivers, cargadors, police, etc.

    How about converting the OLD airport into a Provincial Capitol Area, and also converting the present capitol building as the Iloilo City Office Building including the Iloilo City Police Department. Just a thought!

  15. tess gonzales-jarina

    i take great pride in our iloilo international airport.although travel time from our place is lengthened,it isn’t bothering at all. what we must consider most is that we have an airport which is at par with the rest of the worlds internatonal airports and that it is convenient for the passengers and cleanliness and safety is kept at highest standards. of course, added to that the hospitality that is only ILONGGOS.

  16. Ernesto Dionio Fulgencio Jr.

    Ilay, it will only take 55min from Manila to Iloilo airport and another 30min from the airport to Sarabia Manor….. Welcome to Iloilo City the city of LOVE….

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