How Omni Misleads and Defrauds Customers

I bought this Omni Model AEL-010 from Ace Hardware awhile back. It has been sitting in my living room for a while now. I can’t totally recall when exactly I bought this nor the Ace Hardware branch I purchased it from, not the actual price I paid it for. But it’s been a while — it could have been 6 months, it might even have been a year.

Now, in preparation for the for Typhoon Tisoy, I tried recharging this OMNI LED Emergency Light. Plugged it to the wall socket for like 8 hours. But when I unplugged and tested, it won’t turn on now.

It turns on fine while plugged, but not when I unplug. Thus, I searched around about this product. And this is the revelation about this good Omni Emergency Light:

Apparently, according to Gadget Addict on Youtube, Omni, actually with the help of Ace Hardware, deceives its customers. They say in the packaging that they used Lithium battery, but that is not so. They actually use lead acid battery, which according to Gadget Addict, you can expect only to last for 3 to 6 months.

So that explains why my Omni Emergency Light won’t charge anymore! Me too, I’m disappointed. I didn’t mean to pay for an emergency light like this that I can only use while plugged to a wall socket or power bank. I don’t know if I can still return this nor get a refund.

Yet, Gadget Addict followed up with a follow up video:

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  1. Loren Quiñones

    Omg! I also bought the same model and I have the same issue! I only used it once and I tried charging it yesterday for some hours. After unplugging, it wont turn on but it lights up when its plugged. Such a waste of money.

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