Chessbase as a Source of Chess News

Chessbase is my favorite source of chess news. Perhaps, it is the leading news portal when it comes to current international chess news and events. But I don’t think it uses the latest technology of the internet.

Chessbase Online

Yeah, okay, I’m a bit disappointed. Consider this as my whine against that website. In as much as I would like to be informed of the latest chess news via my favorite feed reader, I couldn’t help myself because this site is not offering any web feed at all. It’s not even offering any newsletter service. I really wonder what they have in mind why they refused visitors and chess enthusiasts subscribing to their latest news. I actually emailed them once (a long time ago) asking why, and unfortunately, I have not received any response yet.

If a website’s objectives include traffic and reaching as many people as possible, they should offer web feed for syndication to its regular visitors. After all, what’s one creating a website for when it couldn’t even reach its intended audience and promote that valued traffic. Mind you, this site is even selling some products.

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