guest-post-iconThis is a guest post from Sherwin.

Boston CelticsI can’t believe that the Celtics didn’t get any of the top 2 picks! This is an outrage! Boston had the second worst record in the league and they only got the 5th pick. Celtics fans have been hurting for so long, I felt their pain when I was in Boston. Everybody there was expecting a top 2 pick. Boston must be mourning right now. They haven’t recovered from the heartbreak they suffered 10 years ago when they lost to the Spurs in the 1997 Lottery. They had the worst record that year. First Duncan, now Oden/Durant. My heart is broken. The 2008 season is already a lost cause.

I suspect a conspiracy. I find it so strange that the top 2 picks went to Northwest teams. Portland and Seattle both have problems with their arena and are considering moving their franchises to other cities. David Stern wanted them to stay put and therefore awarded them Oden and Durant. F$^@* Stern, ^&#@;$# the NBA! I’m done with Celtics. F&!!;$(@#X;$!!!