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  1. baw slamat kay pwede na ma_view ang tigbauan subong sang maayo..makita ang dapat makita kag mabalan ang mga naga karatabo sa aton nga banwa nga ginapabugal ko guid sang dako..biskan diin pa cguro ako lupadun sang akon kapalaran makita ang iban nga manami nga lugar pero wala gihapon kapalit ang banwa kong tigbauan ang akon palangga..hidlaw ta man ba..3yrs. ayhan la guid kapuli ah. kaya sa imo jorelle slamat sing madamo i know u and hope u know me also..kay balan mo isa ka kalye ta lng ayhan..goodluck cmo bro.ang galing galing mo. just continue ha..Godbless.

  2. hi! i landed another great blog…i also have started mine at on tax and doing business and was inspired by the very personal write-up your articles were made…reader enjoy reading posts as if they are in direct conversation…thanks, lets keep it up…

    • Hi Pinoytaxation, I’m glad you dropped by my place. I just visited your blog and I’ve read many interesting posts so far. Keep up the good work. You can count on my as your new regular visitor in your blog from now on.

      On one note, I wish I could address you in a more personal manner, I mean a nickname other than “Pinoytaxation”. 😀

  3. helo deuts.. i admire so much ur site..
    im looking forward dat u cud help me achieve my dream of becoming a cpa.. hehe..
    goodluck.. godbless u po…

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