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deuts.net is about accounting, auditing, philippine accounting and auditing standards, professional ethics and standards, business news, philippine politics, technology, internet, chess, music, literature, movies, current events, games, sports, photography, videos and many more…

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Deuts is a graduate of B.S. Accountancy in the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, in Iloilo City. He took the Certified Public Accountants Licensure Examinations in October 2001 and ranked eighth (8th) among more than 7,000 candidates in the country.

UP LogoHe joined C.L. Manabat & Co. (a partner firm of Deloitte Touch̩ Tohmatsu) in December 2001 in Makati City, Philippines, and was promoted to Assistant Manager before he left the company in 2006. He moved to Doha Qatar and joined Ernst & Young РDoha (another Big4 accounting firms in the world).

In late 2007, he joined Nickel Asia Corporation, the parent company of various nickel mining companies in the Philippines whose office is in Makati City, Philippines, as a Finance Manager.

He also took and passed the Certified Internal Auditor certification exams in November of 2007.

Hometown: Tigbauan, Iloilo
Elementary: Tigbauan Central Elementary School
High School: University of the Philippines High School in Iloilo

This website was created basically for the purpose of establishing my existence over the world wide web. I want to talk here about experiences, achievements, failures, fun, sadness, hatred, etc., regarding (well, as you can see above) accounting, audit, the internet, technology, chess, etc.

I’m trying to create a blog that’s not really that very personal. I mean, I don’t want to talk about how I feel like today, whether I’m sick or happy, about what time I slept last night; o, that’s boring. I want to excite my audience. I want to tell them stories that I think they’ll find interesting, so they’ll keep on visiting my site.

I’m not even after SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Google Adsense revenue. Well, okay, maybe those things, anything I achieve, would just be some kind of compliments for me.

So le’t keep the ball rolling. If you find any erroneous data from my posts, or maybe if you find any spelling or grammatical errors for that matter, you are very much welcome to correct me. Please just drop me a line in the comments section. Or you can contact me in my email found in the contact page.

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