Sky Broadband 10Mbps Advantage Plan

Was trying to log in to the Life At 5 Mbps website earlier, and I was greeted by this banner in the homepage:

By the way, the homepage I’m referring to is now redirected to

It appears that Sky Broadband is now offering double the 5Mbps I’m currently subscribed to — at 10Mbps, but at a P300.00 premium, or a total of P1,299.00 per month.

If only could Sky Broadband truly deliver to the promise of a reliably consistent speed at 10Mbps, nevermind the monthly bandwidth limit of 15GB, I could have gladly signed up for this new plan — and not the type of speed I’m actually getting while currently subscribed to 5Mbps:

The actual speed I get at Sky Broadband’s Life At 5 Mbps internet plan.

In fact, I’m lucky enough if I’m getting the above speed. Oftentimes, I can’t even get to load.

Now, what’s the use of subscribing to those high-speed plans with bandwidth cap in effect, but only getting a sub-par speed that you’re actually better off subscribed to the basic 1.5Mbps plan with unlimited bandwidth instead?

One thought on “Sky Broadband 10Mbps Advantage Plan

  1. This is just like saying:

    We need 200 gallons of water delivered. They can deliver it in just 1 minute but with a limit of 150 gallons only. I rather wait a day to have my 20 gallons delivered.

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