Month: June 2012

The Divoom Iris-02 Speaker System Review

I have been looking for an inexpensive (i.e., sub-Php1,000) portable speaker system for office use that could deliver soft audible music when played during office hours, but could also deliver loud-enough audio for everybody to enjoy tracks after office hours.

Then, I happened to bump into this Divoom Iris-02 at Switch in Park Square 1.

The speakers were small they can easily fit in your bag, and yet can deliver a level of sound loud enough they can startle everyone in the office if dialed to full volume. They are powered by USB, so they can deliver up to 10 times as loud the sound of normal built-in laptop speakers.

The speakers have no subwoofer, so they can’t really replicate the sound of a true stereo system. But then, you are not in a party, instead in an office trying to enjoy music while being ‘busy’ at work.

The official product page provides the complete features and specifications as follows: Continue reading

Market Talk on Stock Investing

Absolute Traders produced a video interview with Jay PeƱaflor, PSE Head of Market Education, to discuss stock investing, comparing it to fixed income investments, the PSE Trade, and tips on stock investing. You may watch the videos below.

What I really find interesting is the second video focusing on the PSE Trade system, which has the capability to allow trading of other investment instruments in the future like derivative instruments and even commodities. But what really looks more promising to me is the possibility to buy and sell ETF’s or Exchange Traded Funds.

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Pacquiao vs. Mayweather — The Fight is Finally On!

We know very well who will win in this epic but future (i.e., if it ever happens at all) battle between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. But the question is — how?

Well, just enjoy the video below:

This stop-motion video was produced by GRNMNGO, which took them 4 months and more than 2,500 still images to make. Wish they just used a clear white background instead or some other wallpapers.

This is how it feels like scrolling through a window in Android

For purposes of this illustration, I used a Samsung Galaxy S II (SGS2) running on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) and the official Twitter app for Android version 3.2.2.

When Samsung introduced the SGS2 last year, they promised amazing speeds with its 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. But then, obviously, this video is a testament at how hiccups happen brought about more likely by the ever-famous Android UI lag. Look at how the scrolling abruptly stops to open the details of a tweet when you mean it to continue scroll up.

Although I sampled only a single app for this demonstration, it is in fact fairly representative of the whole Android experience — that in Android, the system responds to presses that were never intended in the first place.