September 2011

NBA 2K12 Available for iOS on October 4

Together with the release of the NBA 2K12 for PS3 and other consoles, 2K Sports will also be releasing the NBA 2K12 game app for iOS devices like the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

CNET’s Tap That App is all praises for this app:

I’ve purchased and played with EA’s NBA Elite app, and just as in the PS3 console, I’m pretty sure 2K will beat EA anytime of the day — especially when it comes to gameplay quality. …


An ordinary man sees a bright light descend from the sky, and discovers he now has super-intelligence and telekinesis. — via IMDB

I remember watching this movie way back in college (I think). This is one of the few movies I actually watched at a movie theater during those days. I watched it again recently and just then realized this should instantly qualify as one of my favorite movies. I just loved how George Malley (John Travolta) transformed into a person who can absorb a vast amount of knowledge from reading 3 to 4 books a day. Add that to his super-abilities to process and calculate information.

But of course, my favorite line was, when they found out that George was sick — a tumor in his brain — and is dying, he and Lace Pennamin (Kyra Sedgwick) had this dialogue:

George Malley: Hey, would you, uh, love me the rest of my life?
Lace Pennamin: No. I’m gonna love you for the rest of mine.

Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Systems Advantages and Disadvantages

A mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is one with usually the same sensor size as that of the DSLR but without the mirror that reflects the image frame into the pentaprism and further into the optical viewfinder. It’s much like what you see in compact point-and-shoot cameras and camera phones but with the added benefits of the capability to employ quality but expensive lenses you see in the photography world.

Digital Photographer Philippines (DPP) has the list of advantages and disadvantages to offer about the mirrorless interchangeable lens systems: …

Photoshooting Me!

Bought yesterday a softbox as part of my photography gear. Since I already owned a Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2, it would be a perfect solution for portrait photography using a remote trigger.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a model to try this equipment on. That’s why I just settled to photographing myself.

Setting up the softbox on the left side while holding a reflector on the right (well, for most of these shots actually), here are my favorites from what I was able to come up with:

300 MB is So Much for My Use

I’ve mentioned that I subscribed to Globe PowerSurf 299, which is 300 MB good for 30 days. I’ve also mentioned that I have wifi both at home and in the office.

Now 22 days have already passed and I have not used even half of the data usage I was allotted with. I’ve used so far 143.51 MB or 47.8%. I hope Globe Telecom could come up with a lower plan, say like 200 MB for a cheaper price.

UPDATE: Or perhaps, these PowerSurf plans are not for me at all. I have an iPhone 4 at plan 299, where I don’t have a use for that P299 credit (for I have an office-issued phone unlimited Globe-to-Globe). If I opt out of the PowerSurf 299, I could use that P299 credit for hit-and-run mobile browsing at P5 per 15-minutes.

I just hope that Globe instead have a per MB charging deductible from the regular plan. Or, better yet, carry on with the Powersurf plans but don’t charge it on top of the Monthly Service Fee (MSF). Charge it against the consumable amount instead.

Twitter is about Delivering the Message in 140 Characters

Twitter limits you to express your thoughts in 140 characters or less. It actually encourages (if not teaches) you to be more creative in delivering your message by limiting the number of characters — thus, the limited number of words — in each tweet. This is in fact in congruence with the declining attention span of users/readers/followers, especially with the vast amount of information available in this digital age.

With services like Twitlonger, and the likes, users are allowed to override this 140-character limitation by cutting the message into 140 characters but allow the inclusion of a link that points to a page containing the full message (besides advertisements). These services are even integrated in apps like UberSocial and Tweetdeck. …

How Do You Use Your Smartphones?

I use my Sony PS3 game console for playing video games; my 32″ LCD TV + DVD Player or media player for watching movies and TV series; my personal computer and/or mac for personal computing like spreadsheets, word processing, media-editing, browsing flash-heavy websites, etc.; my Canon 30D DSLR for photography; and my smartphone/s for mobile computing, communications (e.g., calling, SMS and email, IM), on-the-go social networking, and some light internet browsing.

That being said, I don’t use my smartphone primarily as (or as an eligible alternative for a great) game console, movie player, personal computer, or camera. Furthermore, if all you do is texting and calling for a phone, you don’t need a shiny new smartphone.

Wishlist: DGT e-Board + Classic Chess Set + Digital Chess Clock


The plug & play DGT electronic chess board brings you the best of two worlds. The classical game of chess finaly merged with 21st century computer and internet technology.

The beautiful classic wooden DGT e-board easely connects to the USB port on your PC. With the DGT e-board you can play online at internet chess sites like PlayChess, Chess 21 and ICC. The ingenious e-board acts as input device for all major playing programs.

The DGT e-board is the ultimate chess-PC interface. It adds a new dimension to your chess fun. A typical DGT product. Innovative, designed for the real chess lover. High quality and value for money.

The giftbox comes with a special edition of the famous Fritz program and 100 days free access at

Amazon Kindle Tablet

The coming of the Amazon Kindle Tablet it seems is inevitable, at least according to Techcrunch. It’ll be running on a highly customized version of Android. The best part– it’ll be priced at only $250 for the 7-inch version.

I do hope that the Amazon Kindle Tablet will be a hit. That way, my other wishes:

  • That the other Android tablet makers will realize that they have to sell their Android tablets at a price range way lower than the iPad in order to truly compete with the iPad; and
  • That Amazon will drop further the prices of the original Kindles with the e-ink display — because I really love to buy one;
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